Tuesday, 23 July 2013

More News of Dieting by Bike

Let me just admit that for some reason, my online history for yesterday is full of 'Royal baby' links.

But back in the real world as it were, I continue to save money and lose weight riding Borisette. Minimal effort is involved. Just plan a route, get on your bike, cycle back, and get off fitter.

I rode Borisette on Camden’s lovely dual cycleway in Torrington Place yesterday. Relaxed; plenty of room for a cargo bike (85 cm at its widest point) and plenty of room for linear bikes to overtake. Next time I'll photograph this planning marvel.

Go online as I did and you should be as amazed at the extent of Council initiatives supporting cycling in London as well as Council support for others’ initiatives.

Here are just three of them from one borough: one, two, three.

Transport for London also have a Cycle Journey Planner which I made use of for the first time to plan my journey yesterday.

In addition, I am discovering that Great Portland Street W1 is becoming cycle nirvana with cycle shops, cycle repair shops and accessory shops opening up almost on a daily basis.

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