Friday, 26 July 2013

Borisette: The All-Purpose Cycle

I have a deadline so Borisette and I set off for the park, not forgetting to pack some drinking water.

Work largely done, she takes me to a shoe shop that is running a sale of bike-friendly shoes, followed by the supermarket. There's nothing to carry home: she does the carrying.

She's such a joy to ride that every minute spent aboard is productive: I'm getting from A to B but I can also think, plan, relax, admire the view (architects and urban planners would be amazed at how London looks from the saddle), check out the new shops, decide what I want for supper, ease from work mode into weekend mode. Denmark I love you.

I should add an important caveat to the paragraph above. At all times you should be safe and in control of the bike. You can relax but at the same time you must - and you will be able to - pay attention to the road and the conditions on that road. But having said that, there is nothing easier while on a cargobike than to be visible, to check behind you and to take a commanding view of the road.
       But just because it's a relaxing ride, don't let your attention wander. Attention is needed as you get on, as you ride, and as you get off. I learned this today when a moment's inattention as I was setting out had the bike rolling down the camber and hitting the kerb - fortunately at low speed. 

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