Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Cargo biking: Every Day a New Discovery No. 2

Shopping is a lot easier by cargo bike. As I cycle along the Regent's Park Outer Circle through Clarence Gate at the top of Baker Street, I remember I need some DIY stuff and that there's a brilliant DIY shop in Melcombe Street. On foot, after a day's work, with toxic rivers of traffic heading south from Park Road and the Outer Circle, I might have just thought 'oh, forget it until next time'.

The cargo bike makes the spontaneous shopping stop easy. As the traffic grinds to a congested halt, I simply signal I'm slowing down to stop and roll her off the road onto a conveniently wide bit of pavement. She comes equipped with a frame lock. Seconds later she's locked and secure and I can walk down to the shop, load up, speak to the guys behind the counter without worrying about getting a parking fine, go back to where I've left the bike, load up the cargo box, unlock her and cycle back. The road traffic is often roughly where I left it.

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