Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Here is the great and extremely prescient Martin Amis on the great American automobile age:

"The five lanes coming into the city were all blocked and the five lanes going out of the city were all blocked; between these two great metal Mississippis of steam and suffering, of spiritual durance, there lay a railtrack on which brightly lit and entirely empty trains sped past in both directions. No one ever used the trains. They had to be in the cars. Americans were martyrs to the motors; autos were their autos-da-fé. Never mind what cars have in store for us globally, biospherically; cars our cars hate us and humiliate us, at every turn, they humiliate us."

From The Information, 1995, HarperCollins (UK)


  1. Prescient indeed. Nice new blog, Sally! I have a few posts up. There is a vid you might find interesting over there.

  2. Hi, tut-tut, I will be coming on a visit.